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Saturday 23 March, 2013

roger vivier Prismick antique shoes exhibition

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Roger • Weiwei Ya design masters of modernism in the 1920s, 1950s and 1960s to become christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent's Queen's footwear designer and product launches series charles Jourdan. In 1937, Roger • Weiwei Ya Rue Royale in Paris, opened the first store that bears his name. Roger Weiwei Ya and his era of mutual penetration, with Dior perfect cooperation is the only signature Dior suppliers to their own work, he for Yves Saint Laurent, Catherine Deneuve in "Belle de Jour" ( Catherine Deneuve) is designed with a large metal buckle black leather shoes.

Bruno Frisoni brand burin filed in 2004, served as the creative director of Roger • Weiwei Ya brand, committed to realizing the dream of Vivier's. His personal style re-interpretation of the Vivier legacy of unique ideas to the fashion industry, process to rediscover Vivier unique. In addition, he also re-beautification Roger • Weiwei Ya traditional features, lead the brand into the future.

Bruno Frisoni, Roger Weiwei Ya designs for inspiration core fantasy, elegance and luxury, combined with extraordinary technology and expertise, creating a masterpiece classic. Since the spring and summer of 2012 launched Prismick series, it became Roger • Weiwei Ya flagship design style and classic design elements of the brand, can not imitate the unique geometric tailoring, so many fans of Roger • Weiwei Ya whom crazy.

Today, Roger • Weiwei Ya works brought to Shanghai. The Hang Lung Plaza Atrium exhibition Prismick photography exhibition and antique shoes exhibition, historical heritage, to reproduce the brand's timeless classic.

Through this unique photography program fashionable stroll Prismick "Roger Weiwei Ya since October the second edition Prismick handbag and shoes, once again demonstrated the brand characteristics.

Past, Roger Weiwei Ya like to create a poetic style geometric pattern design collages for the distinctive style of the concept of shoes. Today, the brand's creative director Bruno Frisoni re-use of the master of collage art show like construction contemporary features with superb craftsmanship, called the rare boutique. New Prismick signature series features a lively geometric design and three-dimensional sculpture voluminous, Bruno Frisoni animated series. A new series to launched 5 models handbag and shoe consolidate the Roger • Weiwei Ya accessories classic brand status.

And fashion stroll Prismick "photography exhibition, will be on display between Roger • Weiwei Ya boutiques photos of about 30 women, and they came from the world's major cities, fans are Roger • Weiwei Ya. Photo character the Daikai Xin, Pan Chuying, Lin Tien children, Gu Ya-chi, Ye Mingzi Zhu Shuang, Zhang Wanru Zhang Zilin. Each the the protagonist use of Prismick handbag and shoes are sui generis, difficult to imitate, and to let Prismick has become the representative of the elegance, creating a new aesthetic standard.

From the private scene to another fantastic situations, and fashion stroll Prismick "inspire our imagination to capture some kind of attitude, charm and style, which features in common, is Prismick highly contemporary design.

The antique shoe exhibition on display 30 models the classic Roger last century Weiwei Ya, a review reproduce Roger • Weiwei Ya timeless talent and charisma. Ms. high heels, including the 1955 Christian Dior designed for Roger • Weiwei Ya uppers for the RHODIER plaid pure wool, shoes, headband stomata, "Tibet" heel; build 1962 designed for Princess Su Ruiya female embroidery uppers of nylon mesh diamond evening high heels, silver wire, foot-goat "heel and build 1967 designed for Yves St. • Laurent women's" Mask "series of sandals, ankle strap position by sheepskin golden Shan. Exhibition on most noteworthy is the Diamond Jubilee celebrations this year marks the sixtieth anniversary of the Queen ascended the throne, by creative director Bruno Frisoni of Roger • Weiwei Ya Weiwei Ya Majesty Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne in 1953 to design the coronation shoes inspired to create this Xianzu shine jewelry fairy shoe queen forever. The the shoes iconic brand Iris theme, with the incomparably exquisite craftsmanship bordered over 3500 brilliant-cut diamonds. These diamonds are all built by the East India Company. Delicate and vivid, extravagant and exaggerated feathers make this unique CLS fairy shoe to perfection.

roger vivier Prismick antique shoes exhibition
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